Looking for Ajijic weather and location information for upcoming travels? Those who travel to this paradise, on a latitude with Hawaii, can expect to want for nothing. A mere thirty-four miles from Guadalajara, Ajijic is positioned close enough to the big city to benefit from easy travel while feeling worlds away.

Ajijic weather sunny pool photo
Bougainvillea dancing in the sunny weather.

A pleasant drive up the mountainside reveals a lakeside village with a near-perfect climate, less than an hour from Guadalajara’s airport. At 5,000 feet elevation, protected by surrounding mountains and Mexico’s largest freshwater lake, Ajijic benefits from average daily temperatures of 72 – 75°F (22- 24°C) and enjoys sunshine even in the rainy season from June through October.

Due to the sub-tropical climate the rainy season is a lovely time to be in Ajijic. The rain falls mostly in the evenings and night, surrendering days to sunshine and a sparkling town. The hillsides are green and lush, and the rain is a welcome change to the warm month of May. The region offers a semi-arid climate making the hotter months not humid at all and more suited for prolonged summer days exploring. Ajijic typically experiences lows around 50°F during cooler months (December through February). This unique climate produces a vibrant year-round display of flora and fauna that colors the town in a constant riot of reds, oranges, and greens.

Nearby Guadalajara

The second-largest city in Mexico and the capital seat of the state of Jalisco, Guadalajara, is Ajijic’s sprawling urban counterpart. The historic city is dotted with colonial plazas, gold-spired churches and neo-classical architecture. There are many large, air-conditioned indoor and outdoor shopping malls that feature familiar and high-end stores. For finer arts, Teatro Degollado Ópera House offers symphony and opera seasons along with performances of the Ballet Folklorico. Many guests plan a day or weekend trip to take in the city before arriving in more peaceful Ajijic. A not-to-be-missed destination is Tlaquepaque with its boulevards of galleries, ceramics, pottery and mariachi. We are happy to arrange private day trips to the City Centre or charming Tlaquepaque.

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